The Gateway to Greatness

P.SO - The Gateway To Greatness
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01. Vertebrae (the Gateway) [prod. by P.SO + ClubCasa]
02. Music Feat. Jeanette Berry [prod by P.SO + ClubCasa]
03. Find Out Feat. Andrew Reid [prod by ClubCasa]
04. She Don’t Feat. 8thw1 [prod by KO Beatz]
05. Back Again Feat. Outasight [prod by KO Beatz]
06. Burnt Sienna [prod. by P.SO]
07. Black Holes [prod. by P.SO]
08. Poppyseed [prod. by 2 Hungry Bros.]
09. Crazy Feat. Homeboy Sandman [prod. by Dude 26]
10. Angels & Demons [prod. by 2 Hungry Bros.]
11. So Enormous [prod. by The Other Guys]
12. Wake the Dragon [prod. by Jinesis]
13. Floating Feat. Denitia Odigie [prod. by Soul Academy]
14. Flight of the Night Owl [prod. by KO Beatz]
BONUS: Made for Two Feat. Cocoa Sarai [prod. by KO Beatz]

Hip-Hop Artist and Graphic Novelist P.SO the Earth Tone King brings his debut album The Gateway to Greatness. Nearly two years in the making, The Gateway to Greatness is P.SO’s otherworldly album & graphic novel combo designed to give fans a completely original experience. Aiming to deliver a substantial contribution to the culture, The Gateway to Greatness includes such standout tracks as the popular “Find Out”, the self-produced, hard-hitting “ Black Holes”, the airy, ethereal “Floating” featuring Denitia Odigie and the instant classic “Back Again” featuring Outasight. That graphic novel P.SO speaks of is the 45-page collaboration with talented illustrator Anwar Morse that coincides with the tracks on the album. The first chapter will be available in the digital booklet of The Gateway to Greatness.

Find Out Feat. Andrew Reid
Back Again Feat. Outasight
Floating Feat. Denitia Odigie

VERTEBRAE (coming next week)


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