AJ Ampadu was born on the east side of Buffalo, NY, to a midwestern mother and a Ghanaian father. Struggling with the challenges of growing up in a rough neighborhood, AJ escaped by immersing himself in science-fiction, fantasy, and comic books.

Inspired by the books he read as a child and the West African storytelling of his father, AJ set off for the University of Rochester, where he acquired a degree in Creative Writing and Biology. AJ spent several years working in health care but eventually decided to pursue his true

passions, music, and creative writing.

As a writer, he digitally released the Graphic Novel "Gateway to Greatness" through the Comixology imprint. In 2022, he launched his comic book imprint, EarthTone Kingdom, after overfunding a Kickstarter campaign. He's also written articles on music, film, and comic books for several online outlets. As Hip-Hop artist "P.SO the EarthTone King," he's released several critically acclaimed albums, independently and under the HipNott label. AJ has had the opportunity to teach creativity to students for the Sotheby's Institute of Art and present his works at San Diego Comic-Con's Hip-Hop and Comics Panel. AJ lives with his wife, son, and cat Sasuke in Newark, NJ.